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ABC was embarrassed when Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel introduced a tour-bus full of sex offenders and Trump supporters to Hollywood’s liberal elite (above).


No word on whether the sex offenders and Trump supporters accepted ABC’s apology.




Can we please ban this phrase from headlines?


“[Fill in the blank] Sparks Twitter Outrage”


That’s too easy for lazy journalists.

These days, a chipped toenail can “spark Twitter outrage.”




I’m noticing an odd trend with movie titles, in which instructions are barked at the audience, as in Don’t Breathe and Get Out.


.                          grouchyeditor.com Don't Breathe    grouchyeditor.com Get Out


I expect that soon we’ll see something like this:


grouchyeditor.com Cage




What can happen when you are bored


  • I watched The Tonight Show on Friday and Jimmy Fallon mentioned musician Herb Alpert.
  • Alpert brought to mind Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66. 
  • I found Brasil ‘66 videos on YouTube.
  • I read about Brasil ‘66 on Wikipedia.
  • I learned that one of the singers, Karen Philipp, lives near me in Minnesota.
  • I Googled her name and found this Playboy layout:


.                          grouchyeditor.com Karen Philipp    grouchyeditor.com Karen Philipp


Aren’t you glad I was bored?


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