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Bravo recently premiered The People’s Couch, in which friends and relatives watch TV, and we watch them as they watch TV.  When I tuned in, everyone was watching My Little Pony.

I was tempted to call my landlady to see if she would like to come over and watch me as I watched these people watching My Little Pony.  Yes, it’s come to this. 




I read that there was a picture of Lady Gaga’s ass.  So I Googled “Lady Gaga’s ass.”  Turns out there are many pictures of Lady Gaga’s ass.  This week, we dedicate the Review to Lady Gaga’s ass.


.      Gaga13  Gaga3


.  Gaga10  Gaga11


.      Gaga4  Gaga5


.  Gaga12


.   Gaga6  Gaga7


.    Gaga9  ?




This photo of a Notre Dame running back has been creating quite a stir.  Apparently, the ladies think he is quite the stud — we have to agree.


USC v Notre Dame



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