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In the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, NBC’s Al Michaels brushed back a tear (presumably) and informed viewers that the Patriots wanted to win the big game for team owners the Kraft family.  It was a touching moment.  Never mind New England fans; the Pats wanted to win for their multi-millionaire owners.

Earlier, New England quarterback Tom Brady had this to say about Myra Hiatt Kraft, who recently died:  “She is a woman who has been smiling down on us over the course of this season.”

I guess Mrs. Kraft decided not to smile down on the Pats during the Super Bowl and instead switched channels to Downton Abbey.  Meanwhile, Brady’s genteel wife, the supermodel Gisele Bundchen, wasn’t smiling either.  Gisele did urge fucking fans to fucking pray for the fucking Patriots.






Speaking of Downton Abbey, is it possible that the series is already jumping the shark?  Plot developments in the show’s second season have been worrisome.  One episode threatened to turn into a World War I version of Glee, with cast members gathered round a piano and breaking into song.  And there were not one, but two tear-jerking bedside vigils for wounded soldiers.

When Saturday Night Live decides it’s time to lampoon your show, which it did to Downton last week, it could signal the beginning of the end.






MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was “shocked” by revelations about JFK’s salacious, teen-intern-banging ways.  Shocked?  Where has Mitchell been for the past, oh, 50 years? 

But I do feel bad for Andrea’s co-worker, Chris Matthews, who must have lost one of the thrills on his leg when, once again, his presidential idol was exposed as a creepy pervert.








No surprise that viewers are abandoning network television.  Judging by the abysmal pilots, NBC’s Smash (above) and ABC’s The River (below) are both crap.







83rd Annual Academy Awards - Show


Whenever the curtain falls on some Tinsel Town legend, headlines lament the end of Hollywood’s golden age.  This was the case when Liz Taylor died, and again last week when some other acting coot — I forget who — bit the dust.  But these declarations about the end of Hollywood golden-agers must come as a surprise to still-breathing icons like Kirk Douglas (95), Olivia de Havilland (95), Mickey Rooney (91), and Joan Fontaine (94) — among others.






Quote of the Week:


“What happens when a film becomes this huge, massive hit and you’re all starting to think you may win an Oscar?”

— CNN’s Piers Morgan, above, to the cast of The Artist when the stars appeared on his show.  The Artist, which has been in theaters for months, recently crawled past the $20 million mark at the box office — a mere pittance by Hollywood standards.




An FBI report on Steve Jobs includes some dirt about the much-admired genius, stemming from the 1970s when Jobs was “experimenting with marijuana and LSD.”  I guess that when you are a big shot, you don’t “do drugs” or even “take drugs.”  No, you “experiment” with drugs, as if Jobs got high while clad in a white lab coat and taking notes in a university classroom.


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