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Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has been in the news.  Why, when I see Panetta, am I reminded of the late, great Ed Wynn?


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I was thumbing through Entertainment Weekly when a picture on page 32 caught my eye.  “Hmmm,” I thought, “I wonder why this photo of pop star Rihanna catches my eye.”  Rihanna looked fetching in fishnet stockings as she performed on stage, but then a lot of celebrities have nice-looking legs — even some female celebrities.  So why was I struck by this particular picture?  Somehow, it seemed familiar.

I did some detective work.  And this is what I found in my recent issues of Entertainment Weekly:

Nov. 25:  three pictures of Rihanna in a sexy bikini-thingy and fishnet stockings, featured in the “Must List.”  On page 68, Rihanna in shorts and fishnet stockings.

Dec. 16:  picture of Rihanna in a leotard and fishnet stockings

Dec. 23:  Rihanna in the bikini-thingy and fishnets again.  And again on page 120.

Jan. 27:  Rihanna in fishnets

Feb. 3:  Rihanna in fishnets

Someone at Entertainment Weekly really, really likes Rihanna.  Or fishnet stockings.






They say that fashion trends begin in Europe.  I’m still waiting for this “topless women protestors” look to catch on over here.






The Super Bowl is tomorrow.  For the first time in my adult life, I am seriously considering skipping it.  I might just watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey, instead … aw, who am I kidding?






Someone at Urban Financial Group thought it was a good idea to have actor Robert Wagner sell “security” to Americans while standing beside a large body of water.  No comment.


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