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A notorious outline for Jewish world domination, Protocols is generally dismissed as a fraud.  Scholars say that Jewish plotters, as implied by these “minutes,” did not secretly meet in the late 19th century, and that this book’s text was cobbled together from earlier material dreamed up by some anonymous instigator.  I don’t know that it matters whether the meeting was a complete fabrication.  What matters is that the ideas expressed in Protocols influenced everyone from Henry Ford to Adolf Hitler to Bobby Fischer – and those ideas continue to attract certain factions today.

The components of this preachy, vague publication (specifics are rarely mentioned) are well known:  Gentiles are sheep, an inferior people destined for manipulation and governance by the “chosen people.”  Jews will use their control of global finance, the press, and political puppets to sow discord and eventually rule the world.  You know, like what Hitler tried to do.


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