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I have a soft spot for this comedy, and no, it’s not because Al Franken stars.  I am fond of One More Saturday Night because the story takes place in St. Cloud, Minnesota, in the ‘80s.  I went to college in St. Cloud in the ‘80s.  Beyond that, I remember nothing about this movie, so I will refer you to critical insights submitted by patrons of The Internet Movie Database.  This is what these kids have to say:

One More Saturday Night is a film that should have got more respect.  It is a very funny movie.”

“I highly recommend One More Saturday Night.”

“This movie has gone virtually unseen and what a crime that is.  The movie is hilarious.”

“It didn’t gain as much cult status as other movies of its time, but it’s a great flick to catch if you can!”

“I saw this movie when I was 12 and I loved it.”

“The bottom line is, as long as you aren’t picky about your movies, this is the movie for you.”

Critic Leonard Maltin hated this movie, but who would you rather trust, Maltin or the kids at IMDB?  Watch it for free by clicking here.

Note:  Apparently this movie is available for free viewing on a “regional” basis.  I guess that means maybe you can watch it, maybe not.  The Internet continues its downward spiral …. 


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