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“The father of the bride [Bill Clinton] appeared to have followed his daughter’s instructions and lost quite a bit of weight for the ceremony.  She had ordered him to lose 15 pounds.” — New York Times story on August 1

To me, Clinton looks emaciated and much, much older since he followed Chelsea’s “instructions.”  I’ve noticed that high-profile, high-pressure jobs seem to accelerate the aging process.  Here are some recent pictures of other public figures:



Hillary Clinton



Laura Bush



Donald Rumsfeld



Barack Obama



Dick Cheney




“Actor Andy Griffith has a new role:  pitching President Obama’s health care law to seniors in a cable television ad paid for by Medicare.  The TV star … tells seniors that ‘good things are coming.’” — wire service story

He should know.  Here is a publicity still of Griffith, 84, in full coital bliss from the movie, Play the Game.






Roethlisberger        Artest


“[Steelers quarterback/accused rapist Ben Roethlisberger] was greeted warmly by an enthusiastic crowd estimated at 10,000 on Saturday at St. Vincent College.” — Associated Press story

“It’s [dodgeball] a great game that I loved in school.  It’s one of the few times when you can purposely hurt someone else, and the fat kids and nerdy non-athletic kids became easy targets.”  — NBA star Ron Artest


It’s nice to know that professional jocks think as much of their fans as the fans think of them, isn’t it?


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