Daily Archives: June 23, 2010

by Jay Anson



Reading this book was akin to picking up a copy of The National Enquirer in the supermarket line and becoming engrossed in a particularly lurid story.  You’re a bit worried that someone you know might spot you reading the stuff, but you also secretly hope your checkout line moves slowly, because you really want to finish reading the article.

I have no idea how much of this infamous ghost story is based on fact; it’s been rehashed so many times by so many people, and the main participants (including the book’s author) are all dead, so we’ll probably never know if the “possession” of George and Kathy Lutz’s Long Island home was a gigantic hoax … or not.  The author will never be confused with William Peter Blatty (Anson loves exclamation points!  He ends nearly every chapter with one!), but he knows how to grab and hold your attention — just like those addictive supermarket tabloids.


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