Minnesota Hmong Girl Undressed


In my experience, there is no better erection-erector than a good girl gone naughty. When the cute girl-next-door gets undressed for the public eye, well, if Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships, then Priya Vang’s bare ass should launch a million jizz-stained bedsheets.

After ogling her pics, I certainly had to wash my my bedsheets.

It was a surprise when Priya popped up on “Just For Fans” with a page promising her “completely naked” pictures and videos (alas, the page is now gone). The GIF on the page was an excellent tease (see below). Even more arousing was the plea to “CUM and play!” accompanied by penis-and-ejaculate emojis referring to “that night.” Click here to see screen caps from that now-defunct Just For Fans page.




It was also surprising to see Priya’s page on Babepedia, in which her boner-inducing pics appear side-by-side with ads for sex with live models. Click here to see her Babepedia page.





OK, we added the arrows. But when your pictures share a page with ads for “sex with live models” and blowjobs from “Swallow Bay,” it does make us wonder.



Posted below are this Minnesota girl’s cock-raising pics, some from the above Web sites and some not; some possibly fake, and others clearly not. And check out the (sadly, not nude) video at the bottom of the page, in which Priya wants you to check out her fashion sense and in which horny pervs will instead check out her tight ass and luscious tits.

Click on (most) pics to get a bigger, better look at Priya Vang and her lady parts.


Sweet and Innocent?





Thinking About Stripping?


Yes, girl, your body is better.



Above, it looks like she’s feeling …






To be fair, there is lots of competition on Babepedia.




Be still, my beating, throbbing member.




Do You Want to Fuck Me?



Hey, I’m on your side. If a girl is willing to spread her legs wide for the camera, allowing the world’s males to study both points of entry, and then some jerk goes in and blurs the money shot, well … (see end of post)






The Video



For a look at what appears to be a combination of real and fake Priya pics, including some fucking shots, click here.


Finally, because you have clean bedsheets and you need to see Priya’s privates, here you go:



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  1. Vang Banger October 2, 2022 4:04 pm  Reply

    Took your advice and now my bedsheets are soaking wet. Using her pics and my imagination … I pinned her to my bed, her little feet raised high in the air either side of me … I pumped her and drilled her … emptied my ballsack inside her … turned her on her belly and penetrated her tight little asshole … she squeaked and squealed … emptied myself in Priya again … had her lick my pecker clean. Good girl!

    • grouchyeditor October 2, 2022 4:10 pm  Reply

      I know the feeling. Am having to wash my bedsheets on a daily basis, thanks to this girl.

  2. Horny Black Guy October 2, 2022 5:37 pm  Reply

    I always wonder if these girls have brothers, and how those brothers must feel when they see their sister buck naked on pages like this one. I’ll bet the brothers get hard and jack off. LOL!

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