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Above, Justin Trudeau plotting the destruction of Canada … just kidding. See below.


“The simplest explanation is usually the best one.”

Occam’s razor (sort of)


George Bush went to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein tried to assassinate George’s daddy.

Bill Clinton lied about his affair with Monica because he was afraid of Hillary’s wrath.

Congress embraced masks, mandates, and lockdowns because most Congresspeople are old, vulnerable, and fearful.


Could all be true. They are simple explanations. We do tend to overthink things.





Trudeau, the pretty boy petty tyrant — it’s what we’d get in the U.S.A. if we were ever dumb enough to elect A.O.C. to the presidency.




I told you it was foolish to say good riddance to 2021.

2022 will be worse.




Biggest fail of the 21st century?

The media. Here’s why:

I have little doubt that if I were suddenly handed a great deal of money and power, I would become corrupt. I’m guessing you would go bad, too.

It’s not news that throughout history, including right now, people in power are rotten to the core. If they’re not, they soon will be.

Regular folks are too busy with their own lives to monitor the scoundrels. That job is supposed to belong to the media.

And the media has become a joke.





I wasn’t sure who Regina Hall is. I looked her up. Here she is in 1999’s The Best Man:



You’re welcome.

Apparently, her boyfriend in the original Scary Movie liked what he saw in The Best Man. Hence, the scene below:





Celebrity Big Brother is winding down, and it’s looking like evil hamster Miesha Tate might grab the cash prize. Here is Miesha in the house:



Just kidding. I imagine she was in someone’s house, but that’s not the Big Brother house.

As if it matters.




I had watched about two-thirds of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the new one) on Netflix when I wondered, for the umpteenth time, why filmmakers keep trying to remake classic movies by remaking classic movies.

The reason they are classics is because they are the opposite of what you’re trying to do. They were original. You are a photocopy machine.





If Bill Maher keeps shifting to the left, progressives are going to demand he change the name of his show to something more appropriate. Like, say, Politically Incorrect.



Alfred Hitchcock was right. Actors should be treated like cattle.



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