The Weekly Review: May 26 – June 1



Trump Musings


I don’t know if the left is terrified of Trump, desperate, crazy like a fox or just flat-out crazy. But they are throwing everything they have at the Orange Man.

A year ago, I would have said an assassination attempt on Trump was too extreme even for his worst enemies. I’m not so sure about that anymore.




The left seems to be trying what worked for them during the last presidential election: What they did back then — insist that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “disinformation.” After the election, admit that the laptop story was real.

What they are doing now — convict Trump and jail him. What will likely happen next — Trump’s conviction is overturned on appeal.

In both cases, Trump’s ultimate victory is too little, too late. Biden gets another term.




I inadvertently left one channel off last week’s list of YouTube “rabbit hole” sites:



This guy gives an Everyman’s perspective on everything from luxury hotels to obscure dives as he travels the globe. (His poor wife occasionally joins him; usually, she’s stuck at home with the kid.)




I watched the Sydney Sweeney rom-com Anyone But You on Netflix …. You know how the cliche ends: “… so you don’t have to.”

It was woke, derivative, and dull. 

But you’d probably like to see the scene where Sweeney gets her ass groped. So here you go:


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