The Weekly Review: June 9 – 15


Falling Down


Once upon a time, and not that long ago, I despised Republicans in general and George Bush in particular. I voted for Al Gore.

Later, I cast my ballot for Obama and Biden — twice.

I once called Rachel Maddow, on this Web site, a “national treasure.”

In other words, I was far from a gun-clinging, bible-toting “deplorable.”


But today, I look at our stumbling, bumbling commander in chief and at the results of his time in office, and I see: outrageous gas, rent, and food prices.

I remember his daughter’s revelations of showering with daddy, and the videos of Biden’s creepy fascination with young girls.

I watch in disbelief as Biden (or his minions) uses the courts and the Justice Department to do everything from censoring to jailing his political opponents.

I see Biden provoking Russia, sending billions of our dollars to Ukraine and pushing Putin into a new war. If that happens, Midwest kids will fight and die while Biden’s playboy son snorts cocaine and waits for daddy’s pardon.

And I read about millions of illegal aliens not just invading the country but encouraged to do so by our president and his fellow Democrats.


And I think: I don’t care what you feel about the bombastic Orange Man. How on Earth can you justify voting for Biden?




And now for something completely different …



It’s one thing to see the president of the United States down on his knees. It’s quite another thing to see Sydney Sweeney down on hers.



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