The Weekly Review: December 4 – 10



I’m tired of complaining about politics. Complaining about politics seems pointless.

Most of our institutions and so-called elites are corrupt.

We are all being forced to join one side or the other, or a “team.”

If I like what your team plans to do, and not just complain about, I will consider joining your team.

Until then, I will continue to watch Netflix — even though Netflix is, apparently, on a bad team.





Last week (I think it was last week; am much too lazy to check), I said I was watching Wednesday and that I wanted more Uncle Fester and less Thing. That was before I saw the actor playing Uncle Fester.

I take back my complaint. The Fester actor is much too low-energy, as is the actor playing Gomez. Thing has more personality than the two of them together.

And why do I care about the actors in a mildly amusing show like Wednesday? I do not. I just need something to complain about that isn’t politics-related.





It’s getting harder and harder to tell if a photo is real or a “deep fake.” That’s our excuse for working on a new post (maybe, possibly coming next week) featuring the ever-popular Minnesota Hmong girl (above).  We know she has great tits, but are they the real deal on popular Web sites or are they fake?


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