The Weekly Review: October 9 – 15

Guess who was (probably) on set for this scene from 1981’s The Burning. See below.


Yesterday, I was watching an obscure horror flick from 1981, a piece of junk titled The Burning, and I was struck by the scenes focusing on starlets in the buff.

Nothing unusual about a 1980s slasher flick having nude scenes, but these exposures seemed more gratuitous than usual, with the camera panning and lingering and practically salivating over the unclothed actresses.

Then I saw the end credits:



Something tells me that young Harvey was probably heavily involved with the casting/auditions for The Burning, as well.


Above, Carolyn Houlihan does what she can to help Harvey’s movie — front and rear (that’s also her in the photo at top).


Carrick Glenn contributes to the cause.








I hate to defend an ex-Dallas Cowboy, but whiney pansies like Page are proving Troy Aikman’s point: Too many “woke” liberals want to keep wearing their dresses.

Then again … Aikman’s subsequent cave to the mob and apology suggest that he, too, would like to keep wearing a dress.





Bravo, Mr. Carpenter. “Elevated horror” like Hereditary and The Babadook have decided that critical appeal, artiness, and “deep meaning” are more important than actual scares. Boo to that.





Our weekly review for July 24-30 did not simply get more hits than a typical post — it went through the roof. And kept climbing. It garnered more than 20 times our typical hit count.

Sadly, this was likely not due to Grouch’s sparkling prose, nor to any major scoops. No, we suspect it was because of the sexy piece of ass we wrote about, a cute Hmong girl from Minnesota (above). She used to have a Just For Fans page. Now we’ve learned that she has a page on Babepedia.



For more leering looks at the girl from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, check out this post about the delectable Miss Vang.



We keep reading about the decline of the American male’s sexual potency. Hence the link (above) on Priya’s Babepedia page, in which we do what we can to help her raise a thousand erections. (Or a million.)


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