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American Horror Show



With the big elections just a couple of weeks away, there is likely nothing more my humble self can say that might dissuade you from voting for the monsters (Democrats) — if you are hell-bent on doing so.

I might as well just sit back and watch the horror show, if that’s what it turns out to be.

In the spirit of Halloween, here is what you can expect if you vote blue:


“Son of Fester and Lurch”


Above, Morticia and Lurch Jr. greet the monster-in-chief.


“The Man Who Laughs”


If everything goes to hell, it’s your fault, not his.





Male Quasimodo’s unsightly hump is in the back; female Quasimodo’s unsightly humps are in the front. 


“Bride of Dracula”






The Curse of Ryan Murphy


Ryan Murphy has a long history of creating shows with great premises but which, sooner or later, go off the rails. His openings almost always intrigue, but then it’s just a question of time before the show turns into a parody of itself. It’s as if Murphy loses interest in his own story, and then doesn’t care how it ends.

Sometimes a Murphy show takes years to go bonkers (Nip/Tuck 2003-10), sometimes it happens near the end of season one (The Watcher), but usually it goes haywire somewhere in the middle of a season’s run (American Horror Story).

Murphy should just write a story outline and then let someone else fill in the rest.




I used to be fond of Mike Lindell because, back when the left was trying to get advertisers to boycott Tucker Carlson’s show, Lindell and his pillows stuck with Carlson.

But good lord, with Lindell’s omnipresent, annoying TV commercials, in which he doesn’t so much pitch his product as make my walls shake due to his shouting, it feels like he’s moved into my living room.

I want to stuff His Pillows up His Ass.






The girl from Minnesota with the “fuck me” fanny continues to generate hits for our site. Certainly nothing monstrous about her.



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