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Joe Biden’s “gates of hell” speech (above) drew comparisons to Hitler. I was more reminded of this guy:





“The Right Side of History”


We hear that term a lot. The left seems to place the concept in high regard. But it’s a “problematic” expression. If we are to believe progressives, much of 20th-century history as described in history books is bogus. America was more racist and sexist than a shining beacon to the world, they say.

What happens if the left wins the current culture war? Will future, left-leaning historians (remember, history is written by the winners) be less bogus than the old historians? If they are just as biased, then why should anyone believe them?

Who died and made historians god? Aren’t they mere humans?

If you don’t believe in an afterlife (like much of the left), what difference does it make to you whether you land on the “right side” of history or the “wrong side”? You won’t be around to celebrate or hang your head in shame, either way.




Random Butts


Running a Web site can be grueling work. The research involved can be quite the ordeal. However, we all need distractions from the upcoming civil war. And so, we at The Grouchy Editor persevere. The result of our labor is below, our butts of the week:



1) Fresno news anchor Caroline Collins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: How come my local news anchors don’t post Instagram photos and videos that expose their asses?




We Google-searched Caroline to see if she’d posted any hot new pics, and were surprised to see this on the search page:



When Caroline Googles herself (because you just know that she does), is she as surprised as we were to see that grouchyeditor.com is a bigger Caroline booster than is Facebook? Click below for her butt-baring video.






2) Sus Wilkins in Netflix’s Loving Adults. A pox on Netflix, which has software preventing the average creep from making screen captures. And a double pox on Web sites like Mr. Skin, which have thus far failed to post pictures of Danish cutie Sus Wilkins’s (above) nude scenes in the movie. We had to use primitive means to get the pictures below — a tablet camera photographing a TV screen. Apologies for the poor quality. We do not apologize for the content.



Here’s a better shot of Sus, from Yes No Maybe:



Last and certainly least, our site “editor” is recommending that we post a link to The Grouchy Editor at least twice in every post. So there. We did it.


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