The Weekly Review: June 26 – July 2


Inflation, illegal immigration, gas hikes, food shortages, out-of-control crime, and billions of dollars sent to Ukraine.

We can no longer blame any of this on incompetence or stupidity.

This is Democrats deliberately sticking it to the average American — especially the American middle class and especially in the Midwest.

They no longer even try to hide their intentions. It’s all-out war.




Rorschach test:


This is how you tell the difference between an “ass man” and a “boobs man.” What do you see in the picture below?



I saw shapely butt cheeks. Oops.






Alas, if only we could cancel it in real life.




Coming Sunday: A brand-new, longer-than-average, weirder-than-ever Tale From The Grouch.

We’ll post a link to “A Small Problem” tomorrow.


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