Daily Archives: September 11, 2021

As society continues to crumble, you can either read the news and succumb to depression and anxiety or take a break and check out the warped world of Tales From The Grouch. Here’s a list with links:


 . grouchyeditor.com Rusty  “Rusty” — Happy times in suburbia.


.  grouchyeditor.com revelation   “Revelation” — Unhappy times in suburbia.


.  grouchyeditor.com homebodies   “Homebodies” — The people next door.


.  grouchyeditor.com ass   “The Porthole” — Be careful what you wish for.


.  grouchyeditor.com the ufo   “The UFO” — Stand by me … and a UFO.


.  grouchyeditor.com Tales From Grouch   “Carol Comes Home” — The spirit of Norman Bates.


.  grouchyeditor.com thwup   “Thwup!” — The case for eating more (or less) beans.


.  grouchyeditor.com Wisdom   “Wisdom” — Cabin in the woods.


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