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Sex scandals, treason, and too many crimes and misdemeanors to count.

Judging by the corrupt people who run this country, I’m beginning to wonder if certain Middle East countries might be right. Has America become “The Great Satan”? Our leaders seem to behave that way.

Heavy sigh.

Screw politics. Let’s talk about TV.





I was into Netflix’s adaptations of Harlan Coben novels, including The Stranger, Safe, and The Woods. I’m not so keen on the latest Coben offering, The Innocent, produced in Spain. Each episode is told from the point of view of a different character, which is a change of pace but not necessarily a welcome one.

Coben’s stories are so twisty and convoluted that they work best when we have just one or two protagonists to follow as the plot unfolds. Focusing on a new character for each of eight hours is simply too much.

On the other hand, if you dig Spanish ass, this is a show for you. Can you say, “strip-club scenes”? Can you say, “many strip-club scenes”? Pretty much every female lead appears in at least one pole-dancing routine. A sampling:


Asia Ortega (above and below)



Juana Acosta


Aura Garrido





Peaky Blinders: OK, so I’m a bit late (eight years late, to be exact) to this British period drama.

Methinks the show might have been overshadowed during its initial run by contemporary series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, et al. But it’s very well done. And how come the Brits have so many superb actors?





I take back what I said about America possibly being The Great Satan. That distinction clearly belongs to China — along with the Western companies that do business with it.







One more picture of The Innocent star Aura Garrido, not because it’s from The Innocent (it’s not), but because we like it:



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