The Weekly Review: December 20 – 26


Netflix’s new series Bridgerton (above) has been getting a lot of buzz. I checked the reviews:



With the exception of the (presumably) male from The Observer, all of the reviewers are female, and they are all impressed by Bridgerton.

And they say that the “chick flick” is dead.




My Christmas Wish


What I wished for Christmas: I wanted to be magically transported to the year 2095, so that I can read in history books about 2020, rather than live through it.

Because politics are making my head explode.




No Christmas card for …


This guy:



I am an old white dude, and this guy seemingly wants to see me dead to “level the playing field” for underrepresented Americans. That means if I die because I was last in line for the virus vaccine, so be it.

But that’s OK, Harald, because the feeling is mutual.




The problem with both Newsmax and Parler is that they aren’t very user friendly. The two conservative outlets hope to usurp Fox News and Twitter, respectively, and right now is probably the optimal time to try.

But as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. In other words, polish your product.




This week’s cheesecake is brought to you courtesy of the year 1933:



The babe is an actress named Peggy Shannon, stripping down to her skivvies in a disaster flick called Deluge. You can find it on YouTube.




Against our better judgment, we’re going to check in with Rip van Dinkle on Twitter:



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