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This election has me scratching my head, to put it mildly. Looking at the size of the crowds at Trump rallies (above), and then watching as a guy whose speeches can’t draw crowds large enough to fill a parking lot, somehow attracts 77 million voters ….

So, the “silent majority” was actually composed of Biden voters?





Too many weird things going on. Our leaders keep telling us how dangerous this virus is, and that we must all wear masks and social distance. And then we see: Gavin Newsom (above) enjoying a maskless, distance-free, indoor dinner party; maskless Nancy Pelosi having her hair done at a salon; the maskless Lori Lightfoot and Dianne Feinstein; the maskless Cuomo brothers, and so on, all of them flagrantly ignoring their own mandates.

Why aren’t they afraid of the dangerous virus? We all know what cowards most politicians are, so where is their fear?




Maybe something like this happened:


Aliens:  You people are destroying your planet. Your citizens will revolt over income inequality. We can help you. Here is a virus. Spread it throughout the world. This will create chaos and undermine faith in your institutions. And then, once you have the people under your thumb, institute The Great Reset.

World leaders:  OK!

Aliens:  We are here to help. We will set the table for you because we are here …



Hey, my conspiracy theory is no worse than your conspiracy theory.




I’m half expecting the next civil war to take place in the hallways of Fox News. Seems that since the election, more than a few Fox anchors and reporters, who have been in hiding for four years, have been emboldened to come out as the pro-establishment, anti-Trumpers they really are.

There is a name for people like that: weasels.





In the past, The Crown hasn’t shied away from showing the warts on Britain’s royal family. The difference in season four is that the family flaws no longer seem relatively benign. This season, Elizabeth and her brood often seem downright odious.





This is disturbing. Why is Politico checking out my LinkedIn profile? Are they compiling some sort of “enemies list”?


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