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UFOs are in the news again. Did they – whoever “they” might be – ever explain the video below to the public?



If you can ignore the corny X Files music and some caption editor’s lame attempts at humor, this is quite the bizarre video.








Of all the loons running for president on the Democrat side, the one who impresses me is Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard (above). She doesn’t seem to have gone over the progressive ledge; unlike her frenzied competitors, she seems even-keeled, level-headed … sane.

Then again, I haven’t really boned up on her positions on every issue, and I do have a tendency to bone up over pretty ladies, so … there’s that.




We here at The Grouchy Editor resolve to do a better job of  “sparking outrage.”

After all, it seems to have worked awfully well for Twitter.




Left-leaning Judge Blocks Trump Initiative


This keeps happening. I would assume that, if and when the Democrats ever regain the presidency, they can expect the Republicans to remember all of this and, when said Democrat president attempts to implement a national policy, it will be blocked by a conservative judge.





Very strange. I thought that was the reason so many women start eating.


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