The Weekly Review: October 7 – 13

Taylor and Kanye, Sitting in a Tree …




If I could name just one song either one of them is famous for, I might be more interested in their political opinions. Then again … probably not.


Doesn’t it seem that Kanye is forever trying to upstage Taylor? She wins a music award and he jumps on the stage. She makes an Instagram post and he visits Donald Trump.


Kanye should just leave Kim to date Taylor. That way, Taylor can write songs about Kanye and they can both live happily ever after.





Sure, it’s adolescent and pointless, but I must admit that when I see this woman speaking on the news, I enjoy hitting the mute button.





Seems to me that King is either back on the sauce or he owes his writing career to some super-diligent editors and proofreaders.





Guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. I keep tuning in to these horror-themed series, hoping that one of them will actually be good. I had to quit watching The Purge and the latest installment of American Horror Story because they bored me to tears.

Now I’m watching The Haunting of Hill House (above) on Netflix, which I suppose will suck eggs.


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