Daily Archives: September 22, 2018

Movie Night in America!



Seems like the country is watching two very different movies right now. Half of us are watching All the President’s Men; the other half is watching Seven Days in May.

All the President’s Men (above) is about Deep Throat helping The Washington Post take down Tricky Dick Nixon. Recommended for liberals.

Seven Days in May (below) is about Deep State attempting to take down President Fredric March. Recommended for Trump supporters.






Talking heads keep telling us that Brett Kavanaugh will have his “life destroyed” if accusations of sexual misconduct keep him from the Supreme Court.

Give me a break.

Did Merrick Garland have his “life destroyed” when he was denied a Court position? Is he living in a cardboard box under some freeway?

Louis C.K. is just fine. Merrick Garland is just fine. No one rich or powerful ever has his or her “life destroyed.”






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