The Weekly Review: April 22 – 28


The Kanye and Donald bromance is making me angry — not because I give a crap that the two of them are BFFs, but because I am now going to have to listen to Kanye’s music to see what all the fuss is about. I am unfamiliar with Kanye’s music.

Sorry, but I’m old. I have become my father, who used to argue that The Beatles didn’t make music, they made noise.





Speaking of things I’m not big on, I’m not a big fan of most “family” shows. They are usually sappy, sentimental, and insipid.

But I kind of dug Lost in Space. The characters are likable, the dialogue is often amusing and, if you don’t mind a few ridiculous plot elements, the story is fun.




On the other hand, thumbs down to Netflix’s foreign imports Requiem and The Chalet, both of which put me to sleep.


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