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Weirdo David Lynch is back, delighting us – or torturing us, depending on your point of view – with an update of his 1990s TV series Twin Peaks. What can I say about David Lynch, the confounding auteur from Montana?

I loved his Blue Velvet because the movie was Goldilocks Lynch: It had just the right amount of the surreal, just the right amount of logic. But in other films Lynch’s stew is too exotic for my taste; his bizarre-to-rational balancing act is too heavy on the former.

I did not see Twin Peaks the series nor the feature film that came out in 1992, so I’m probably not qualified to review the Showtime update. For example, I am clueless about the new drama’s backstory. It’s hard enough to follow the peculiar residents of Twin Peaks, Washington, without knowing the history of the “Log Lady” or Laura Palmer. 

Hence, no review here, but rather some random impressions after I viewed the first three episodes:


grouchyeditor.com Peaks


Not surprisingly, critics are falling over themselves in praise of the show. But you have to wonder how many of them gave a thumbs’ up because they know that if they don’t, they’ll be accused by rabid fans of being too stupid to “get it” – whatever “it” is.

And so, is my thumb up or down? Well, I like the show, but can’t say that I love it. It’s visually arresting, often humorous, and never dull. But I have too much respect for story, and I get the impression that Lynch does not. He’d just as soon toss nonsense at us for the sake of tossing nonsense at us, and then call it a day.



Actress Madeline Zima, whose bare bottom figures prominently in the premiere, was born on Sept. 16. I was born on Sept. 16. In honor of our birthdays, here are some pictures of Madeline in her birthday suit:


grouchyeditor.com Zima

grouchyeditor.com Zima

grouchyeditor.com Zima


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