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Butt of the Joke



“Off camera, [Tomi] Lahren was a ‘diva’ who expected royal treatment to the extreme, sources said. Lahren demanded staffers heat up her ‘butt warming pad’ in the microwave before every show, those sources said. ‘She expected to be treated like a queen,’ one source said, referring to Lahren’s butt pad demands as ‘dehumanizing’ to her staff, adding: ‘To demand they warm your butt pad is absurd.’” – The Daily Caller



If she’s still looking for a butt-warmer, we can lend a hand.






This is what happens when you insult a celebrity on Twitter:






Somehow, I became Facebook “friends” with a guy named Anthony who lives in New Zealand or Australia or someplace like that. I don’t know a thing about him, but his posts are a never-ending source of amusement.



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