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Mary J. Blige serenades Hillary Clinton


What the … ?


I have no words.





Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf


I’ve decided to cast my vote for whichever candidate promises to toss this obnoxious prick into prison.




So Trump, who apparently pays no taxes, is proposing tax cuts for everyone.

Does that mean we’ll owe him money?






Night Train to Terror has that intangible quality that separates bad movies from so-bad-it’s-good movies, the sense that someone — director, stars, screenwriter — took the thing seriously, and therefore its majestic awfulness is both tragic and hilarious.

I stopped trying to make sense of this 1985 disaster after ten minutes, and instead sat back and simply let its cheesy special effects, incomprehensible plot, and hapless actors wash over me. Highly recommended.






This is why some people (can’t imagine who) watch the Big Brother live feeds:


.     morgan2    morgan3    morgan4

.     morgan5 morgan6 morgan7

.     morgan8   morgan9   morgan10

.     morgan11 morgan12



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We’re sure that Morgan Willett of Texas had no clue that cameras were capturing her front and back when she stripped down to her thong panties because, well … just because.




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