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I rarely watch the Grammys. The last time might have been in 2010, when Taylor Swift stunk up the joint singing an off-key duet with Stevie Nicks (below). On Sunday, I tuned in again, just in time to hear Adele stink up the joint with her off-key singing.  I really need to stop watching the Grammys.


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I was shocked by FX’s decision to have a character do something naughty on the most recent episode of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Actress Sarah Paulson, playing Marcia Clark, had … wait, what’s this? Folks were upset because she uttered a curse word?

Silly me. I had mistakenly assumed that everyone was upset because Paulson/Clark was repeatedly shown doing something much more horrific than cursing: smoking a cigarette.




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“GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump inspects his own shriveled manhood after taking a shower.”

“Artist Illma Gore … actually drew Trump and his popcorn shrimp in all of its majestic glory.”

“The rendering of the blowhard Oompa Loompa’s thimble dick is titled ‘Make America Great Again.’”


— Maggie Serota (above left) of Death and Taxes, commenting on an Internet “portrait” (above right) of Donald Trump.


“Shriveled manhood?” “Popcorn shrimp?” “Thimble dick?”

What’s all this grumbling I hear about poor Hillary Clinton, as the only female presidential candidate, being unfairly judged on her looks?




The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show — Isn’t it bad enough that we have One Percenters owning and running the country? Must we have One Percent dogs, as well?


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