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A Tribute to Ben Carszzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


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Apologies to Donald Trump, but with knife fights, a trip to Florida to get fresh-laundered clothes, and a botched entrance at the Republican debate, sleepy-eyed Ben Carson gets our vote for “Entertaining Candidate of the Year.”


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.          grouchyeditor.com Carson     grouchyeditor.com Carson




The villainous Martin Shkreli reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. And then it came to me:


.                              grouchyeditor.com Laurel     grouchyeditor.com Laurel




Not sure why this dumb video amuses me so much, but it does.




The Good News:  Craig Ferguson is back with a new panel show on History channel.

The Bad News:  The show is only on once a week. For just 30 minutes per episode. That’s not enough Craig Ferguson.




This week, I learned the significance of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). People kept posting about “Bernie Sandwiches” and “Puppy Monkey Baby,” and I had no idea what they were going on about.

Now I know, and since I don’t know how to channel my feelings about the Puppy Monkey Baby, I’ll just make you look at this:



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