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How to Build the Perfect Candidate:




Hillary’s brain; Bernie’s heart; Donald’s balls; Marco’s boots — voila!




Why is it that we so often hear Bernie Sanders described as “an old white man,” but we never hear Hillary Clinton described as “an old white woman”? Sanders is, after all, just six years senior to Clinton.






“Frey helped the Eagles soar, one of the world’s best-selling bands, with 150 million albums, before the Eagles broke up in 1980.” – Scott Pelley on Monday’s news.


Pretty impressive. Especially when you consider the Beatles only had 12 studio albums.




From The Huffington Post:




Doesn’t the subject of the second story solve the problem presented in the first story?




So now they are saying that Putin might be a pedophile. I’ve suspected that for years, ever since this bizarre photo surfaced:




I suppose I should stop publishing this picture. Now I’ll have to hire a food taster.




I live in the frozen tundra, so I felt the need to make my own contribution to the “ice pants” craze currently sweeping the Midwest. Just one catch: My pants aren’t frozen; they always look like this.


.                Pants1      Pants2


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