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Bad Mouthing, Bad Manners, and Bad Hair


Pictured above is former FBI profiler James R. Fitzgerald, whose hair fascinates me.

Fitzgerald was Erin Burnett’s guest on Tuesday, discussing the San Bernardino killer couple, but I didn’t register anything he said. I was much too distracted by that hair.




All branches of the military open to women? Sounds good. Now let’s make sure that all women also register for the draft.






“Listening is always your best friend.” – Chris Cuomo, above, crowing about his interview skills with Donald Trump.

I listened to that interview, and I stopped counting after Cuomo had interrupted Trump 10 times in the first 8 minutes.






“I mean, this guy is such a total pussy, it’s stunning.” – Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, above, voicing his displeasure with Obama on Fox News.

Coming from a guy who speaks with a castrato voice, I’d say that Peters probably knows whereof he speaks.






Good call on The Martian, Golden Globes, because as I watched the movie I was constantly either chuckling at the jokes or humming along to the catchy tunes.




And finally, I visited James R. Fitzgerald’s Web site because I wanted to see more pictures of his hair:





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