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Mr. Robot (USA Network)

An intriguing new series from, of all places, USA Network. Through two episodes, this tale of a hoodie-clad tech genius who gets drawn into the mysterious world of corporate hacking is timely and compelling. But that geek, as played by Rami Malek, is so depressive, so gloomy … will viewers be willing to enter his downbeat world, week after week? Is Elliot’s cynical attitude a rational reaction to the corruption around him, or is he just another whiny Millennial? Also, Robot is the kind of show that could turn disappointingly dumb, given its conspiracy-theory plot. But so far, so good.   Grade:  B+




Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

Now in its third season, Orange consistently tackles social issues we don’t normally see on TV, yet continues to stay entertaining. One downside is that protagonist Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), the focus of the series when it premiered two years ago, has devolved into the show’s least interesting character.   Grade:  A-






Big Brother (CBS)

Two weeks into the show, and none of the houseguests have gotten naked for the CBS cameras. Don’t they understand that’s the main reason we tune in?  Grade:  Can’t say, because the report card was last seen floating in the hot tub




Deutschland 83 (SundanceTV)

The premise is a bit iffy – East German commie kid goes undercover in West Germany, transforming overnight from awkward momma’s boy to James Bond – but it’s fast-paced and less dour than, say, the similarly themed The Americans on FX.  And unlike the party poopers on Big Brother, the blondes in this show aren’t overly modest (below).  Grade:  B+


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