Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

by Ann Coulter



Ann Coulter is the right’s answer to the left’s Michael Moore: brash, passionate, sarcastic, and take-no-prisoners armed for political foes. Her can you believe this crap? outrage certainly grabs your attention, but as is the case with Moore, it can also make you wonder how fair she’s being. Does the other side have no legitimate arguments?

Coulter’s “other side” in the case of immigration includes Republicans as well as Democrats. The subject of Adios is the downside of illegal immigration, and Coulter’s approach is twofold: bombard the reader with horror stories about crime and other social costs associated with illegal border crossings (primarily from Mexico), and then bolster those anecdotes with facts and figures. I think the tactic is persuasive. Coulter is right when she claims that both political parties, most politicians, and much of the media routinely lie to the rest of us about unrestrained immigration, which benefits the few but harms the country as a whole.

By the way, I checked the book’s index and Donald Trump’s name does not appear. But I do wonder if the indomitable celebrity-candidate thumbed the pages of Coulter’s polemic and came to the same conclusion that I did: It’s time to build a fence.


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