Reviews in Short: June 2015

Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls


A common question put to guys who watch porn (or who frequent hookers) is, “What if the girl was your sister?” The documentary Hot Girls Wanted, by focusing on a handful of girls not long out of high school and fresh into porn, does a great job answering that question: Life is not pretty for a young porn actress, and it’s often downright depressing.  Even more depressing: the fact that millions upon millions of us ensure there’s always a supply of new girls to meet our voracious demand.  Release:  2015   Grade:  A







Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons joins the Hollywood brotherhood of drill sergeants, coaches, and other molders of young men who employ “tough love” – or abuse, depending on your perspective – to drum success into their protégés in this absorbing drama about the world of competitive jazz bands.   But when the story shifts from the battle of wills between instructor Simmons and student Miles Teller, it stumbles over weak subplots involving the boy’s girlfriend and his father.  Release: 2014 Grade: B+


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