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Scratch That – The Week (Not) in Review


Sometimes we write entries for this page and then events conspire to make what we’ve written a load of crap. So we have to scratch those entries. For example …


What we wrote:

I’m warming to Inside Amy Schumer, which is the TV-show equivalent of someone farting in an elevator:  vulgar and juvenile, but also very funny.


Scratch that:

I just watched the most recent episode of Inside Amy Schumer, and although it wasn’t overly vulgar, it also wasn’t very funny.



What we wrote:

This Orioles-White Sox game without fans was no big deal to the Minnesota Twins, who often play in empty stadiums.


Scratch that:

We wrote that on Wednesday.  Since then, every Tom, Dick and Harry with an Internet connection has cracked the same joke about whatever lame team they happen to follow.





What we wrote:

Once upon a time, journalists at least pretended to be objective about the powerful people they cover, rather than tweet like giggly schoolgirls at a One Direction concert.


Uh, no need to scratch this one.




Quote of the Week:


“He literally flew to Belgium to find wood for our kitchen, and he flew to Fiji once to get fabric. Like, he’ll fly all over the world just to find the best furniture, fabrics, architects. He’s really, really into it.”

— Kim Kardashian telling Jimmy Kimmel about her husband’s house-decorating obsession.  Nice to know that, on top of their other contributions to society, Kim and Kanye are being careful to leave a small carbon footprint.




Pearls of Twitter Wisdom:










Funny lady Kristen Wiig, 40, walks buck naked through a crowded casino (above) in her new film, Welcome to Me. Could be a good career move by Kristen. When funny lady Mary Steenburgen walked buck naked through a crowded bar (below) in Melvin and Howard, she won an Oscar.




On the other hand, when funny lady Sarah Silverman, 40, took a buck naked shower (below right) in Take This Waltz …. no Oscars. Just a lot of horny males.




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