The Weekly Review: April 19 – 25

Please don’t burden me with facts.  I prefer to pillory people on the basis of first impressions and preconceived notions.  Because, you know, sometimes first impressions and preconceived notions are spot-on.  Therefore …


Dr. Oz – GUILTY!




Nobody’s stifling your “free speech,” you charlatan. They’re simply calling you out as a quack. Plus, you remind me of another egotistical loudmouth, Quentin Tarantino.



Ben Affleck – GUILTY!




You could have simply apologized for using your “star power” to intimidate PBS into censoring its show, but instead you took to Facebook to lecture the rest of us about race relations in America. So clueless. So arrogant.







If you hope to preserve a shred of credibility … heads must roll.



Cops – GUILTY!




Too many thugs, too many Barney Fifes.



Oprah – GUILTY!




Stop foisting clowns like Mehmet Oz and Phil McGraw on the public.



Britt McHenryGUILTY!




Used to be a pretty face and a college degree were all a girl needed to succeed.  Wait … they do still work at Fox News.



Liberals’ Mansions – GUILTY!




I can’t take Earth Day seriously until Al Gore and Michael Moore move out of their energy-gobbling mansions.



Double Standards – GUILTY!




Hope you don’t plan on getting a sex change, ’cause they might change their minds and throw you into the clinker.




The most shocking revelation from ABC’s Bruce Jenner interview? It wasn’t Jenner’s transgender announcement, nor was it his confession that he’s a Republican. No, the real mind-blower was that, after living for years with those awful Kardashian women, Jenner still wants to be female.


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