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TV Update:


I’m only halfway through its 12-episode first season, but I am digging Fortitude on Pivot.

I said, “Fortitude on Pivot.” Fortitude:  the name of the series.  Pivot: the name of the channel it’s on. You’re welcome.

It’s television of the weird, what we might have gotten if David Lynch had directed The Thing. It’s odd, but it’s also atmospheric as hell, set at an isolated island-community in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, situated at the foot of an ominous glacier that never stops moaning and groaning.




Don’t know how much longer I can keep watching Outlander, which is morphing into Fifty Shades of Grey (Kilts):






Question on Red Eye“Joanne, how do you like your weenies?”

Joanne’s answer:  “Small.”






Pop Quiz:


In the pictures below, which is the character “Romero” from Escape from New York, and which is legendary actress Lucille Ball?


Lucy          Romero


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