The Weekly Review: March 8 – 14




TV Update




Shows I like  …  kind of,  sort of,  just a little bit: 


Bates Motel, The Last Man on Earth



My interest is waning:


House of Cards.   It’s still a good show, but the Evil Underwoods factor is beginning to wear a bit thin.




Good show, but I am not in the target audience:


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Star Ellie Kemper is amusing, but I don’t find jokes about expensive shoes particularly funny – yet I realize that a lot of people do.  Kimmy seems aimed at the folks who keep up with Kardashians, consume whatever’s on E!, and subscribe to Star magazine.


I’m hooked: 


Better Call Saul.  It might not be Breaking Bad, but then again, what is?






“And did you know she was my former babysitter?” – Gretchen Carlson, referring to Michele Bachmann.  That might explain a thing or two.  The Grouch, who is from Minnesota, wonders why all of these right-wing crazy women seem to come from Minnesota.




“These are sick, sick people, indeed, destroying these historic artifacts in these ancient cities some 3,000 years old.” – Wolf Blitzer, referring to ISIS trashing museums and precious art.  Silly me.  At first,  I thought Wolf was referring to the American idiots who carved their initials into the Roman Coliseum.




“Bacon and guns – like a dream come true for me.” – Kimberly Guilfoyle on The Five.  That’s pretty much all you need to know about Kimberly Guilfoyle.




From The Huffington Post:




From The Huffington Post, one hour later:




I prefer the first headline, don’t you?


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