The Weekly Review: February 23 – March 1



With anemic ratings, I suppose MSNBC can’t be blamed for diversifying its programming, but this new sitcom about three liberals trying to kick smoking habits in London seems in bad taste.







Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Two               James1


If I was that ugly, I’d wear a mask in public, too.






The Red RoadJason Momoa (above) exudes charismatic menace; he’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger who can act.  But despite Momoa’s hulking presence and an atmosphere dripping with sweat and crickets, I’m thinking something more needs to actually happen on this show. 




The smartest folks I know in just about every academic or policy field, don’t tweet, blog, or actively appear in the media.” – Micah Zenko of the Council on Foreign Relations

For those of us who regularly watch the blithering idiots on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, this is the most heartening news of the week.  Thank God that America’s brightest minds are not the nattering nabobs of cable news.


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