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Beach Bums!




Like everyone else in America, I eagerly tuned in for the season premiere of Naked and Afraid.  But I get confused by this show.  




At times, survivalist poopers are on full display (above).  At other times, editors blur out survivalist poopers (below).  Is there a pooper-display quota at Discovery Channel?  Someone must get to the bottoms of this.








Speaking of poopers, I’ve been concerned for the cameramen on CBS’ Survivor, keeping my fingers crossed that the boys would find an appropriate pooper on which to focus this season.  For awhile, it seemed that the guys were ogling Lindsey Ogle (top of the page and the pooper above right), but I believe that they have instead opted for survivor Alexis Maxwell, whose pooper is presented below.


Bums6             Bums7





Green Acres Estate


Poor Anthony.  You know you’re getting up in years when they make a biblical movie and cast you as Methuselah.





Quotes of the Week:


“Vikings … is a visual feast of sweaty women with the physiques of Playboy Playmates.  The scene of Princess Aslaug slowly undressing and lowering herself into the tub was a gift to us all.” – Entertainment Weekly

Just kidding.  Here is what Entertainment Weekly actually wrote:

“Vikings … is a visual feast of sweaty men with the physiques of CrossFit coaches.  The scene of Ragnar slowly undressing and lowering himself into the tub was a gift to us all.”

And so EW continues its crusade to eradicate one gender’s sexism in favor of … well, another gender’s sexism.  Thank goodness that we here at the Weekly Review never engage in that sort of behavior.


“If this is true, this is a moment of understanding of nature of such a magnitude that it just overwhelms.” – Stanford University professor Andrei Linde discussing something about something.  Whenever scientists claim that a new discovery will overwhelm us, you can be sure that the public reaction will be … underwhelming.


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