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Bundy       Manson
Bashir       Dahmer2


What do you put on the air when no one is watching your network?  I thought MSNBCs lineup during Sundays Super Bowl was interesting: back-to-back specials on Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Martin Bashir.  OK, just kidding about that last one.



Amazon premiered a butt-load of series pilots and then asked customers to rate them.  I watched something called The After, which was … blah  silly space aliens and generic characters saying and doing clichéd things.  On the other hand, it did have a gratuitous skinny-dip by actress Arielle Kebbel (or a body double; hard to say, below).  Amazon ought to drop the aliens and feature more Kebbels n bits.
Kebbel1      Kebbel2


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