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2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show


Damn, I’m old.  I had to look up “twerking.”  But I’m still not sure.  Is Miley Cyrus twerking in the picture above?  Or is that spelunking?






Makes sense to me.  I don’t think that humans, at least, belong on this planet, and the evidence for this is overwhelming:  1.  Unless you live in Hawaii, there is practically no place on Earth with a comfortable climate; you either need to strip down to escape the heat, or bundle up to ward off the cold.   Of all life forms on Earth, only humans have this need for artificial clothing.  2.  Everything we like to ingest — chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, Miley Cyrus — is bad for us.  Everything good for us — water, green vegetables, PBS — is a crashing bore.  Things had to be better on the red planet.




Just listened to Obama’s speech.  Apparently, there will be no new war in the Middle East this week.  Be sure to check in again next week. …


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