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Summer TV Report


Under the Dome:  CBS shot its special-effects wad in the first episode.  Since that cow-splitting, plane-crashing introduction, this Stephen King-based miniseries has just been tepid soap opera under glass.  Grade:  C+

Orange Is the New Black:  Some of the humor is sophomoric and a few of the characters are cartoonish, but this Netflix comedy-drama about a well-off woman who finds herself in prison is mostly smart and entertaining.  Grade:  B+




The Bridge:  Lots of plots and subplots in the first four episodes — maybe too many — but the lead characters are intriguing.  Two quibbles:  When did cigarettes replace the black hat as the prop that signals “villain,” and must every journalist on TV be written as a jerk?  Grade:  B

The Killing:  Critics and fans who wrote off this series when it failed to resolve “the killing” at the end of its first season made a mistake, because this continues to be a great cop show.  Grade:  A-

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo:  June and clan are a likeable bunch, but the hillbilly novelty has worn off.  At some point, subtitled English and fart jokes lose their luster.  Grade:  B-






Buttwipe of the Week … er, Month

Director of National Intelligence James Claptrap.  If you are a high-powered government official, evidently you can lie to Congress, get busted for doing so, and be penalized by … nothing.






Quote of the Week:

“My vagina came out!  Sorry, America … it just popped out!” — controversial houseguest Aaryn Gries (above) on Big Brother After Dark, having an oops! moment while climbing into a hammock




                               Bream  Bream2


Fox News sex bomb Shannon Bream (above left at journalism school, and right at Fox) interviewed a doctor who told us that we should all be eating fruits and vegetables.  I did not know that.  Next thing you know, they will be telling us that smoking is bad.


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