The Weekly Review: November 4 – 10



Post-election thoughts, because no one else has an opinion about politics, and the world is dying to hear mine:


  • I’m not so much thrilled for Democrats — they are full of crap on too many issues — as I am relieved at the prospect of no Mitty Rich.  Republicans now know how I felt in 2004, when it became apparent that there would be four more years of Bush.


  • Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer blamed the hurricane for Romney’s “momentum halt.”  Since hurricanes are deemed acts of God, I assume that means God wanted an Obama win.


  • O’Reilly, who claims solidarity with “the folks,” can’t understand the little guy’s temerity:  “Obama wins because it’s not a traditional America anymore,” Bill lamented, adding, “People want things.”  Imagine that.  The “folks” apparently harbor a radical belief that Romney and the super-rich shouldn’t own  everything.


  • Big business, which for years has been whining that “uncertainty” prevented it from adding jobs, can finally stop fretting.  Now it has certainty:  four more years of Obama.


  • It was nice to see Florida still undecided when the election was called.  If ever a state deserved to be irrelevant in an election, it’s Florida.




HLN’s Clark Howard and Ryan Smith discussed the recent hurricane and the hardship it caused East Coasters who were temporarily forced back to the “Stone Age” of telephone landlines.  “It felt so old school,” New Yorker Christy Claxton told the New York Times, “like we were back in 1998.”

I don’t own a cell phone.  Never even used one.  Just call me Gwump.




“It’s what Denny would have wanted.”







We here at Grouchyeditor have a soft spot for the female derriere.  Apparently, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, who is gay, has a related weakness.







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