Track of the Cat

by Nevada Barr



Writing a book (a real one – sorry, Snooki) is an incredibly difficult undertaking.  I know this, because I did it once.  So I don’t take a great deal of pleasure in trashing someone else’s novel (well, maybe yours, Snooki).  But when a writer becomes wealthy and routinely appears on The New York Times Best Seller list by cranking out junk like Track of the Cat … well, I’m gonna bitch about it.  Barr’s book is a bad one, and she is a bad writer.  Here is a sample sentence from this so-called thriller:  “Anna forced every spark of her concentration into her hearing until it felt as if her ears waved around her head on stalks.”  That conjures a ridiculous image, and it’s crappy prose from an amateurish writer.  Even Snooki might do better.


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