Third World America

by Arianna Huffington



I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or simply shrug my shoulders.  Political books like this one often have the best of intentions, but when I put them down, I wonder if they really do no more than preach to the choir.  Huffington expresses outrage at “corporatism” and the corrupt politicians responsible for screwing the Middle Class, and I share her indignation. 

But she undermines valid points by including anecdotal sob stories from “real people” that often seem one-sided and incomplete.  Don’t some of these people share responsibility for their misfortune?  Are they all complete victims?  Huffington is also annoyingly repetitious; much of what she has to say is old news, but that doesn’t stop her from saying it – three times, if necessary.  Still … her main arguments feel correct to me, and she provides resources for the Average Joe to take some kind of action, including a segment of her Web site, The Huffington Post.


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