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Harry Potter fans are breathlessly awaiting the first installment of the series finale, due out in November.  The anticipation got me wondering about the young Potter stars in the aftermath of Deathly Hallows — what will become of Daniel, Emma, and Rupert?  Herewith, I handicap their careers:

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry):  He’d best make the transition from leading man/boy to character actor, because I can’t see the little shrimp making it as a conventional leading man.  Lots of stars — Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson — are short, but Radcliffe also has a “nerd” quality that will prevent him from becoming the next action hero.  Apparently he has genuine acting chops, because he seems to have done well on the stage.  If all else fails, Radcliffe can probably get work in porn because he seems unperturbed about displaying his “magic wand” (Equus).

Emma Watson (Hermione):  I see Watson as having the best shot at a solid film career.  She’s following the Jodie Foster path by attending college, does not seem overly consumed by fame, and is cute as a button.

Rupert Grint (Ron):  Grint reminds me of Anthony Michael Hall in those old John Hughes movies.  He’s going to be stuck in comedies and in roles where he plays the “best friend,” but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  He has great comic flair and might be the best pure actor of the Potter trio.




I don’t normally seek out The Huffington Post for my humor fix, but I stumbled across this picture gallery the other day and I feel I should share it.  If you want more jock-strap jollies, click this link to check out the “Most Homoerotic Sports Photos Ever Taken.”










Sarah Palin’s invention of the word “refudiate” reminds me of other words that get butchered, sometimes with absurd consequences.

Discriminate — This is not an inherently “bad” word.  Once upon a time, to discriminate was considered a good thing, as in, “She has discriminating taste.”

Niggardly — A few years ago, some public figure came under fire for using this word, which sounds a lot like the N-word but actually means “stingy.”  The poor man lost his job for using this word, which is a shame.  I believe we should refudiate this kind of discrimination, which seems niggardly.


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